Edward M Kramer, MD and Jeffrey M Hick, MD have begun offeringtheir patients ThermiTight™, asafe, painless way of dramatically reducing skin laxity in a singletreatment, allowing them to literally sculpt their patients’ appearance. ThermiAesthetics’breakthrough in computerized radio frequency (RF) technology erases years from aperson’s appearance by – in a single treatment – greatly reducing excess,sagging skin. ThermiTighttreatments restore that skin to a more youthful profile while melting away fat below the skin’s surface.

“My patients want three things,” Dr. Kramer said. “They want to see significantimprovement –immediately – with no pain, and no down time. My new ThermiTight skin-sculpting procedures do all of that, and more,”

This revolutionary new ThermiTight™ system’s computer‐controlled radio frequencies apply gentle heat, right under theskin – a feather‐touchof heat that dramaticallyand visibly reduces skin laxity in a single treatment, generating visible results that last for months or years.

This controlledapplication of heat is monitored by a customized infrared video camera, allowing ourdoctors to literally shrink the skin back into close proximity with thepatient’s underlying bone structure, as it literally melts away the skin’s underlying fatty tissue.

“In a single in‐office procedure, ThermiTight restores the look of youth,” he pointed out, “giving my patients a healthy, natural and even well-rested appearance. While it can be used in conjunction with other treatments, ThermiTight procedures are remarkably effective on their own.

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